A Word(s) with (my) Friends

4 Mar

I played a mega move in Words with Friends yesterday.  I changed the word “nigh” into “knighted” and earned a whopping 108 points. That is more than I have ever earned on any single bingo play. It hit me – I’ve gotten good at Words with Friends the way people get good at life.  At first, you only concentrate on what letters you have been dealt.  You pore over what you have and try to come up with a word, only to realize that even though you have the perfect word, you can’t play it because there is no where on the board to connect it up.  So, you acquiesce and play something smaller, less satisfying, but worth something and you wait and hope.  Your next set of letters makes you realize that by playing the last move, you have given up the original word which was brilliant, but everything has changed now and you must adapt.  So, eventually you come to know and expect that it does not really matter so much which letters you have as much as it matters which letters can be played on the board; and more importantly, the point value of the spaces on the board.  Sometimes, you lose and have to start over.  Sometimes, you have to skip your turn and trade in some of what you have for different tiles.  Finally, if luck lines it up, you will be able to take what is on the board, add your own parts to it and create something extremely valuable and quite unexpected. But even that doesn’t last.  Rematch?

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