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Board Games: A Trip Down Memory Lane

30 Mar

We have played all of these games in our family. Now that the kids are older, we include adult beverages in game night, making it all the more fun and amusing. I love to play Words with Friends and its a good thing I can find willing partners because my family will not play Scrabble with me anymore. xi and xu are so words!

Friend For The Ride


A post by blogger George Schalter:

As a father and an admirer of technology, I love the time I spend with my kids – putting a gadget together, racing cars (toys, of course), and playing online games (educational, of course). But these times, splendid though they are, take me back to my own boyhood and how our family bonded when we were younger. Rest assured, you wouldn’t have seen my father bellowing while swiping his finger madly around a rectangular piece of screen. No, sir. Those were the days when we sat at the kitchen table with steaming hot cocoa mulling over a game of Monopoly or Clue. Whoa! That makes me a living testament of changing times.

Of course, I was delighted when I discovered that they had digitized some of those old classic board games. While it is a rather addictive experience, it is not the same. It…

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