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Happy Birthday, Aaron Mahaley

2 Mar


23 years ago, I became a mom for the first time.  It was the first and only time in my life that I recall feeling 100% sure that every single little thing was as it should be.  This tiny little person was absolutely perfect and I could not have loved him one ounce more than I already did.  Being Aaron’s mom has been quite a ride.  I have agonized over him, ignored him, over-indulged him, and threatened to have him arrested.  I think most of it comes with the territory of being a parent – but he definitely brought his personal set of challenges. We dubbed him our “complex carbohydrate.”  He has  taught me a lot about kids and growing up – stuff that has helped me help other parents who are stumped by their kids.

Being Aaron’s mom, has affirmed for me that love wins. Love prevails and it is the single most important thing that we give to our children – unconditional, unending, unhidden love…not money for bail or booze, not approval for any and all shenanigans, not permission to be a jerk – but love that demonstrates kindness and respect.  The kind of love Steve and I were both lucky enough to grow up witnessing.  Here’s to my baby being able to create it in his future.

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