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Historic Thousands on Jones St (HKonJ) Feb 8, 2014

9 Feb

MMMYesterday I turned out to join the Rev William Barbour, NC President of the NAACP and hundreds of other organizers and tens of thousands of other marchers to demonstrate in protest of recent NC legislation that brought national attention to our state – not because we are being incredibly innovative in solving issues, not because we have ended unemployment, or cured a disease – nope, because Jon Stewart found fodder for political satire and parody in the lunacy. Yes, NC is the brunt of national attention because of the litany of bills that were passed and signed into law in our state that set  progress back fifty years. My favorite sign at the march read, “Too many issues for just one sign.”  That’s how I feel – there is just too much that went wrong in one legislative session to pick it apart.  Rev. Barbour spoke for a five solid minutes just running down the list.  But for me, it comes down to one issue: one point that so salient in my mind, and so offensive to my heart. One idea that conjures up every ounce of patriotism and passion in my soul. America is a democracy.  It is founded on the idea that the government derives its power from the consent of the people and without that consent, the government has no power or authority. When voting rights are infringed, in any way, it is an affront to our democracy and a call to action. Every single citizen in this country has a voice and that voice is heard at the ballot box. Every effort, every new law, every new technology should be used to make sure that each and every voice is heard without long lines, without government issued identification, without any obstacle between that citizen and the ballot box. That single issue is what got me to my feet, sent me out on a cold morning after a long week of work, and into the streets. If the politicians think they are representing the people, then make no move to block those people from the ballot box. And people, get out and vote. There is a lot of work to be done.