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Dear Senator Burr

8 Mar

Senator Richard Burr
217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

March 10, 2017

Dear Senator Burr,

I grew up in the military. My dad put on a uniform and went to Vietnam for America back in the 60s. He wore that uniform for 23 years before retiring as an Officer from the US Navy. I always think of him in his ironed crisp khakis heading out the door before dawn. He was a good sailor, and he instilled in me a deep love of my country. I couldn’t be more patriotic and loyal to my homeland than I am.

My father also instilled in me a deep distrust in Russia. He talked of it incessantly. They are not to be trusted. They are anti-democracy. They are against everything we value. When I was a teen-ager and a bit rebellious, I thought I knew more than him and doubted what he said. I thought the Cold War was “unnecessary” and overblown. As I studied history in more depth and eventually became a history teacher myself, I came to know that my dad was not wrong.

He was not wrong in thinking the very foundation of Russia is corrupt. He was not wrong in thinking they hate democracy and want to destroy it. He was not wrong in believing that Russia is solely motivated by making only a few men rich and powerful and letting the rest of their country literally starve if they have to. And he was not wrong in saying we should never trust them. EVER.

I am urging you to please do the noble thing. Put this Russian conspiracy theory to bed by appointing a special investigator to get all the facts out in a non-partisan way. If there is nothing to the allegations, fine, but please do your part to restore my faith in my country – because it is slipping away.


Allison Mahaley
NC resident