26 Feb

I was raised on sweet tea and “Good girls don’t.”  The idea that my ticket to success and happiness as an adult rested on my ability to convince a man to provide it for me was ingrained deep in my psyche. I was taught that feminism would ruin America because every child would be abandoned to day care factories – a dystopia of disconnection. It’s been hard to reconcile my fiery spirit and out-spoken nature with these expectations. I have struggled mightily to find my voice, and use it for good.

Harvey Weinstein got sentenced to prison this week.  I smiled with my whole self when I heard the news. The patriarchy is shifting – there is a reckoning coming for all this oppression – all this force to not speak truth, to be objectified and silent – to be touched and have no say. I am grateful for the brave women who stood up to him, and to those who stood to Roger Ailes, and to Donald Trump – his day is coming, too and all the women who stood up and still got knocked flat.

I am also cheering for the women who struggle to find their voices and say #metoo and #enough.

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