America is Growing Up

2 Jul

White people need to talk about race – often.


In the wake of the Confederate Flag episode, I keep thinking about the analogy of a dysfunctional family and how desperately the South needs a therapist. A recent NY Times documentary shows us that there is no pill for what ails us, we need regular talk sessions. The South that blossomed post-Andrew Jacksons land grab was a rebellious teen-ager that tried to shake off its parents. The South went to war to declare its own independence, but in the end, was dragged back home and forced to remain part of the family. In order to cope, too many compromises were made. The Union was tired, distracted and so happy to be a family again, they gave the rebelious upstart way too much leeway in the post war era. So during that time, like so many Southern families, stories were born to ease the pain and the shame of the reality…

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