Warning – a rant follows

19 Oct

Talking to my mom last night, she shared with me the latest horrible reality TV show she had watched.  Celebrity wives had planned a gourmet party for their dogs.  They hired two chefs, flew in Kobe beef, set up tables with china and linen table clothes for dogs.  Now, I am not a dog-hater.  I think it is great when people treat their animals well and love them.  I admit I cringe a bit when dogs get treated like children, especially when I think that the inverse is also true.  What has galled me is the gluttony – the unabashed flagrant and disgusting gluttony of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a dog party.  When people can “afford” to that, I think it is the inverse of a Facebook post that is circulating: “If you can afford to have a tattoo, buy cigarettes, and beer then you don’t need food stamps.”  So inversely, if you can afford to throw a party for your dog that includes Kobe beef, you don’t deserve a lower tax rate than the teachers, firefighters, and police to provide the underpinnings for our society.

There are starving, needy children – human children, close by, who could have been helped with that money.

One Response to “Warning – a rant follows”

  1. blackbeardswyfe October 20, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    A sad sad commentary. There are a lot of people out there who have more money than sense. I am a dog owner/lover. All too often I see other people with pets who use them as surrogate children or family. The dog will never disagree with you or challenge your world view.

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